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Partner visa processing

If your Partner visa application contains all the required information, we can process it faster.

Log into your ImmiAccount to make sure you (and any dependants) have provided all the required documents. To complete your medicals sooner you may also be able to use the My Health Declarations (MHD) service in ImmiAccount. See Completing the My Health Declarations form.

If you have applied for a Partner visa, you may receive a phone call from a departmental officer. This is so we can get more information to progress your application. This phone call may come from any of our processing offices, including those located overseas. Due to this it may be outside normal Australian business hours.

Be aware of scammers who impersonate the Department of Home Affairs. They may contact you by phone and say they are calling on our behalf. Our staff will always identify themselves before they ask for any information. To verify that you are speaking with a departmental officer ask them to confirm your file number or your application lodgement date.

Our staff will never ask for:

  • credit card information
  • banking details
  • ImmiAccount password
  • payment over the phone.

For more information and to check the requirements for your visa see Getting a visa - Visa list

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